Inspire One, Effect Many….


You may not be able to change 1,000,000 lives but sometimes just enlightening one is enough.


Yes, it’s true, no single person can change the world……or can they? If you buy a stranger coffee or pay a toll for someone behind you, or even send an anonymous gift to just anyone you find in a phone book, could you inspire them to do the same?  If you do and they extend their hand to a complete stranger, buy a hungry man food, a homeless man a shirt or pay for the next driver at a drive through on their lunch break, might they too reciprocate that kindness to yet another individual?  You might not be the person that changes the world but you definitely have to ability to start a movement that just may.   quotes-about-change-quotes-love-quotes-life-quotes-and-sayings-1381945129ng4k8

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